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(100G)     100 Posts! Reach your hundredth post.
(5G)     Messenger Send a personal message to any user.
(10G)     It's All About Me Fill out your "about me" section in your profile.
(10G)     Statistics Make your first status.
(25G)     Eyes On The Prize Get to 500 tokens.
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(25G)     Regular Reply to a hundred topics.
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(50G)     50 Replies Reply to at least 50 topics.
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(5G)     Questionnaire Post an update on a comment.
(10G)     This Is My Tag.. Fill out your X-Box Gamer Tag in your profile.
(25G)     The Chosen Be one of the top ten posters.
(100G)     Top Dog Be the number one top poster.
(5G)     Lockdown Set up a security question for your account.
(10G)     Skin Shedder Change your skin (site layout) to something other than the default.
(100G)     Enlisted Register one of your display names.
(75G)     Following Orders Reach the "Captain" rank.
(15G)     Happy Birthday! Have a birthday on the site.
(5G)     Newborn Create your very first Dreamer Chao.
(150G)     Thousannaire Have at least 1,000 tokens.
(200G)     Life Saver Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.
(5G)     Full Moon Change your species to "Werewolf."
(10G)     I Come In Peace Change your species to alien.
(5G)     Ghost In The Machine Change your species to "Ghost."
(5G)     Blood Red Change your species to "vampire."
(5G)     The Light Change your species to "angel."
(10G)     Not From Around Here.. Have a martian chao.
(150G)     Chaos Control! Obtain all seven Chaos Emeralds.
(75G)     Now You See Me.. Obtain an invisible chao.
(10G)     Work Hard, Play Harder Fill out your PSN in your profile.
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