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These are the Terms of Use for Zollernverse. They are non-negotiable, and any user of the site is automatically bound by them. This page is subject to change with or without notice. Only Zollern Wolf and Mike Fettel are allowed to edit this page. Please adhere to the below terms, and all will be well. Thank you.

Age Restrictions:
It is preferred that any registered user or visitor of Zollernverse be at least 13 years of age at the time of registration. However, it is also acceptable for a user or visitor to browse or register for the site while A.) under adult supervision or, if regsitering, B.) use the adult's e-mail to sign-up. These conditions are nonnegotiable for those under 13. All content posted on this Web site is PG-13 unless explicitly stated otherwise.

: Zollernverse is not responsible for any loss of property of information. It is the user's responsibility what happens to said property or information. Passwords are never asked for and should never be shared with anyone else, even staff. You will not hold Zollernverse liable for any negative encounter or experience that may occur. We are not responsible for a user's derogatory behavior. By registering for this community, you hereby specify that you are at least 13 years of age and will not lie about your date of birth. You certify that you are legally applicable to fill out a form, whether it be manual transcript or an online registration form. You will not post sexual-or violent-themed content on this forum. All content on this forum is PG-13 unless specified otherwise. You also agree that these terms are subject to change without notice and that by registering with this community, you are making an agreement with all of the terms listed. Under the Federal Communications Decency Act of 1996, Zollernverse is not responsible for any defamatory comments made to you from any other user. Zollernverse has privacy settings that can block unwanted contact, and should it continue, further action can be taken by the staff. It is unlawful to take that which does not belong to you to redistribute and/or claim it as your own. Failure to abide by this will result in immediate termination of your account.

Disclaimer: Any and all mishaps regarding misinformation or unpleasant experiences are the responsibility and liability of the users and/or visitors involved in it. Zollernverse is not responsible for any unpleasant experience or unfavorable situation.

Ownership: All content displayed on this Web site either: A.) belongs to its respective authors of the Web site, B.) the user(s) who created it, C.) are public domain, D.) is currently in the process of being created/published, or E.) belongs to a third-party Web site, application, user or server in which no ownership by Zollernverse is claimed.

Peer & External Web Site Interaction: Zollernverse is not interested in participating in "wars" or other forms of immature competitions with other sites or forums. Any aggressive or otherwise ill-mannered behavior towards the site or its members will not be tolerated, whether directly or indirectly. Zollernverse encourages interacting with fellow members, but only in doing so respectfully. We do not endorse mocking a select individual or group, nor do we endorse any form of discrimination, and therefore it will not be tolerated.

Policy On Illegal Activity: Any form of illegal activity being discussed or encouraged is not allowed. Zollernverse does not endorse any form of it, and if it is sighted, the accused will have their account permanently terminated and will be suspended indefinitely.

Rules of Use: The Rules of Use are separate from the User Acceptance section in that they govern the outside usage regarding the content of this Web site. Under no circumstance should any image, script, stylesheet or file from Zollernverse be used outside of Zollernverse's environment. This steals bandwidth and harms the Web site's overall productivity and up-time. Only affiliates and other partnered sites should make use of this Web site's content and even then it should only use the provided mini-banner used for site-to-site linking. Contact between Web site admins is required in order to add an "Exception Site." Zollernverse should also never be used in an IFRAME tag or anything resembling an IFRAME tag as this also steals bandwidth.

Security: You will not breach or attempt to breach any of the Web site's systems or its functionality. Failure to adhere to this very strict and non-negotiable rule will result in not only permanent termination of your account and suspension of service indefinitely, but law enforcement measures will be implemented, as exploitation of a web site's systems, accounts, functionality, content, or otherwise defamation of the web site, is considered a federal offense, and will be treated as such, without hesitation.

User Acceptance: Usage of this site automatically stipulates that the user or visitor is bound by this terms of service and its conditions. By using this Web site, including but not limited to filling out its forms and browsing its pages, you assert that you are at least either A.) 13 years of age, or B.) are browsing/using the site under parental or otherwise responsible adult supervision. Failure to abide by these terms could lead to termination of the offending account. Under no circumstances can these terms be redacted or otherwise manipulated through "loop-holes."

** These terms are subject to change without notice.
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